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Bayview Cemetery is located in Bellingham, Washington. According to their website the cemetery is cloaked with oaks, maples and colorful shrubbery. The early history of Whatcom County is reflected on monuments bearing the names of of our area’s founding families – names like Eldridge, Roeder, and Bloedel. The cemetery was founded in 1887 when the town of Whatcom purchased a 10 acre plot along the road to Lake Whatcom. The first burials took place in 1888. In 1889, an additional 12 acres were added. The remainder was purchased in 1924, giving Bayview a total of 234 acres (only 50 acres are currently being used). A nonprofit cemetery owned by the City of Bellingham, Bayview is dedicated to preserving the natural beauty and transcendent atmosphere of the Pacific Northwest for present and future generations.

The cemetery caretakers offer historical tours and a trees of Bayview Cemetery tour.

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Find a Grave Information

1420 Woburn Street
Whatcom County
Washington  USA
Postal Code: 98226
Phone: 360-676 – 6972

• 24,497 interments.
• 47% photographed

Cemetery notes and/or description:
Bay View Abbey Mausoleum is only open to families of those interred in it. If you which to go inside please go to the office and someone will escort you.

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Myth: There are reports of appartions and lights floating over graves. There are two hotspots  “angel eyes” and the “death bed”.

History: The land Bayview cemetery is on was purchased in 1887 by the city of Whatcom. The first bodies that were buried here in 1888 were from a smaller grave site a few miles south west of Bayview known now as dead mans point. The final plots were bought in 1923 for a total of 253 acres which only about 50 is in use now. There is about 25,000 bodies buried there.

BUMPS Rating🙁5) BUMPS has investigated Bayview multiple times and have collected several EVPs. The cemetery is definitely haunted but the two hot spots have suspicious lore around them which we will be testing next. If you are looking for a creepy place to find something paranormal check out Bayview.


Myth: If you are brave enough to lay on top of the empty tomb you will have a premature death. In other words its an instrument of slow-motion suicide.

History: The “Death Bed” is the tomb of Edmund L. Gaudette who passed away in 1916 from a stroke and his first wife who passed away in 1910 of tuberculosis. A statue was put over her grave and Edmund was buried in the same plot when he passed away.The Deathbed resembles a small-scale Parthenon. The other half of the tomb remains empty. It was reserved for Edmund’s second wife Laura who passed away in 1924. She was buried in Seattle due to legal battle with the family.

BUMPS Rating:(1) A member of BUMPS volunteered to lay on top of “The Death Bed”, he is still alive and hasn’t reported anything unusual. It would be impossible to tell if the myth actually worked because nobody actually knows when they are going to die. There are no reports of anyone ever actually dying after lying on top of the death bed which makes this myth highly unlikely.(On a side note BUMPS have collected clear EVPs at this location of a women’s voice, which BUMPS still considers a “Hot spot”.)


Myth: There are two different stories around “Angel Eyes”. The first story is on a full moon you can find blood seeping from the angels eyes. The second being if you go to the cemetery at night you can see her eyes glowing.

History: Located near the western side of Bayview Cemetery, under a grove oak and maple trees. According to The Bellingham Herald archives, buried at the foot of Angel Eyes are the bodies of William H. Bland, his two wives and a few other members of the Bland family. Bland, one of Bellingham’s earliest pioneers, had the statue erected in Bayview for his first wife, Hattie, who died of tuberculosis in 1910. William, once a wealthy businessman, fell on hard times after the Great Depression swept the United States in the 1930s. According to the Nov. 9, 1936 edition of The Bellingham Herald, Bland became “despondent over financial affairs and sickness in his home,” and thereafter he committed suicide in the basement of the Whatcom County Courthouse.

BUMPS Rating:(1) BUMPS tested both stories about “Angel Eyes” and we have come to the conclusion that it is a crock of shit. We went to visit Angel eyes on the blood moon to optimize our chance to witness her weeping blood. Unfortunately there was no blood coming from her eyes. Also the eyes did not glow and if they did it would most likely be florescent paint put there by some of the local hamsters. “Angel Eyes” may not cry blood, but it gives you the feeling your being watched.


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